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Online stage SpaceCTF 2017

Competition of "white" hackers.

20 Nov 2017

The qualifying round of the interregional championship among schoolchildren and students on information security "FarEastCTF 2017" was held on November 18-19. The competition was attended by about 150 teams from universities and schools of the Khabarovsk, Primorsky and Kamchatka regions, the Amur region, Crimea, as well as Moscow, St. Petersburg, Tyumen, Kurgan and other cities of Russia. Also among the participants were young specialists from Ukraine and Belarus.

Online schoolchildren and students solved team tasks of varying complexity related to finding vulnerabilities in applications, breaking encrypted messages. The participants also demonstrated their knowledge in cryptography, steganography, administration, web technologies and programming.

All tasks were developed by PNU students of the specialty "Computer security" under the guidance of the head of the export control and information protection department Mikhail Dolgachev.

The qualifying round was related to space. The legend of the past stage called SpaceCTF says: “Somewhere in open space during the space shuttle trip, the on-board computer revealed multiple ship breakdowns in different departments. The automated system has woken up the engineering team to solve the problem. "

Such competitions are needed not only to improve the level of their knowledge, but also to declare themselves in front of potential employers.

According to the results of the qualifying stage, 20 student and school winning teams were determined, which will take part in the full-time final of the FarEastCTF-2017 championship.

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